In this ever-evolving world of fashion, things come and go and then again come back too. For example, the retro designs, organza sarees, the polka dotted patters, etc are all back in fashion after being considered outdated for last 50 years. This is the reason why in fashion and accessories, not should be thrown away by being considered outdated and old. The trend may comeback any anytime and you may have to buy them again. Same goes with the watches as well. In the world of fashion accessories, watches are an outfit completion asset which just cannot be considered to be overlooked. Therefore, today in this article we will be talking about the pocket watches emerged and how they made a comeback and after declining. You can easily buy watches online from any trusted online store and get them delivered to your doorsteps these days.

The Current Trend Status of Men’s Pocket Watches

  • Niche Popularity Among Vintage Enthusiasts

In the earlier days, the pocket watches were bought by men to keep a track of the time but things have changed these days. It is the current trend that these watches are bought as a testament to the story and the history that they carry with them. There are various antique pocket watches, to be precise these days made by various companies such as casio, etc which are quite are sought after for their detailed designing and the stories they carry from bygone eras.

  • Fashion Statements at Special Events

These pocket watches have also become an important asset to complete the outfit such as the wedding outfits, the black-tie events, and other special occasions which demand a touch of classic elegance and sophistication. The addition of these watches to the formal dresses adds to the beauty and the elegance of the dress as well as of the event.

Why Men’s Pocket Watches are Considered a Classic Style for Special Occasions

  • Historical Significance

Dating back to the 16th century, the men’s pocket watches were considered to be the sole and most important time keeping devices which obviously cannot be owned by the major of the lower classes. These mens pocket watches therefore also became an important asset which could showcase the rich lineage and heritage of the family. These watches were often passed down through generations, which would end up becoming treasured family heirlooms. Adorning one’s wrists with a pocket watch used to connect the wearer to the rich heritage and lineage of the noble men which every one wanted to be a part of.

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  • Complement to Traditional Attire

The formal attires and dresses are best complemented with the pocket watches and therefore these watches are considered to be a part of the traditional dressings which include the, three-piece suits and tuxedos. These watch chains are often draped elegantly across a waistcoat, which adds to a touch of glamour and fashion and therefore completes the look.

Reasons Behind the Decline of Men’s Pocket Watches from Mainstream Fashion

  • The Rise of Wristwatches

With the coming up of the 20th century things changes, drastically. The wrist watches came into being and therefore started the demand foe the pocket watches as a necessity declined. The wrist watches were considered to be the best of the new fashion as it was gender inclusive. The women folks earlier usually could not carry the pocket watches because their dresses did not have pocket sin them but with the passage of time when these wrist watches came into being, the women too could fix them on their wrists and move freely thereby decreasing the value and the demand of the pocket watches. These watches were also easier to use, which allowed the wearers to keep track of the time without having to reach into their pockets.

  • Shifts in Social Norms and Roles

Societal norms and etiquettes have also played a huge part in changing the overall fashion and the choice of the individuals. In the past, it was considered that the gentlemen which carry pocket watches with them were considered to be the symbol of class, status and punctuality. However, as societal roles changed and evolved these fashion trends changes. With the coming up of industrial revolution, the class differences were some what erased and things such as watches became accessible to almost everyone.