In this increasingly modern era, supported by increasingly advanced technology that makes human activities easier, one of the smart home applications that need to be installed on your gadget is the Air Conditioner Remote application. Here are some recommendations! ac murah jakarta


1. Air Conditioner Remote Control

Is the AC remote at home broken? Don’t feel like fixing it? The most appropriate and quickest solution for you is to download the Air Conditioner Remote Control application. Just like the manual remote function, you can access all features just by pressing buttons on your phone.


Air Conditioner Remote Control can be downloaded via the play store. Some devices integrated with this application are LG, Samsung, Huawei, etc. The smart Air Conditioner Remote Control application is compatible with >100 types of split ACs. Using the AC remote with this application is also very easy!


2. ASMart Remote IR

When the AC remote is broken and you’re too lazy to fix or buy it again, you can install the advanced application called ASMart Remote IR. The way this application works requires an infrared sensor so that the AC at home can be controlled properly.


The features provided by ASMart Remote IR are not only to turn on the AC, but you can also adjust the temperature as needed. Smartphones that can support this application include Samsung Galaxy S series (S4 and S5) and Note series (Note 3), as well as HTC One.


3. Mi Remote Controller

Xiaomi brand has released many electronic products that sell well in the market. This brand started its business in smartphones and continued to household electronic products ranging from TVs to ACs.


To attract more attention from the public, Xiaomi also created an AC remote application called Mi Remote Controller that can be used for your Android device. So, you don’t need to use Xiaomi brand phones.


Although it can be used on non-Xiaomi devices, you need to make sure your smartphone is on version 5.0 and above. Among the devices supported by this application are Samsung Note 3 and 4, Huawei Glory 6+, Samsung S series (S4, S5, S6), HTC One, and Huawei Glory 3.


4. Sure

Sure ranks among the best AC remote applications throughout 2019. This application can be accessed easily. When you enter the homepage, the AC icon will automatically appear. Sure can be easily downloaded on Android and iPhone smartphones.


Sure Universal is not only specialized in air conditioner remotes but also with media players and TVs. Moreover, this application can be integrated with Amazon Alexa. Although its memory capacity is only 37 Mb, it’s very multifunctional, isn’t it?


5. Control It

The highest-rated advanced AC remote application on the play store homepage is Control It. This application is popular because its features are quite complete and accessing each feature is very easy. At least, the user ratings reach 4.4 stars.


Control It can be used correctly if your smartphone also supports infrared facilities. Some phones that can use this application include HTC One M7, M8, and Max, Samsung S series and Note, LG G3 to G4.


6. Smart AC

Smart AC is the official application released by Samsung to support their electronic products, namely ACs. Smart AC is equipped with WiFi features, making it easy to connect to the internet. If you’re going to use this application, make sure the Samsung AC model you bought is above 2012.


Although specifically for Samsung brand ACs, you can still download this application on non-Samsung smartphones. The advantage of Smart AC is that you can control the temperature, turn it on and off from a certain distance without having to approach it.


7. Zaza Remote

The AC remote application that you can access via your smartphone is ZaZa Remote. The features available in this application are just like a manual AC remote. More practical and doesn’t take up space, right?


ZaZa Remote is not only used to adjust AC temperatures but also can be used for DVD remotes, TVs, Smart Lamps, DSLR cameras, and fans. Very versatile, isn’t it? One application for all functions.


8. AnyMote Universal Remote

Another best application you can use to control AC at home is AnyMore Universal Remote. This application also supports WiFi services, making it easy to connect devices to the internet.


AnyMote can be used on devices with infrared features such as Samsung S4, LG G4 and G3. The AC brands that can be accessed by AnyMote are Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. Not only for ACs, AnyMote can also be used as VCR, DSLR, Amplifier, and DVD remotes.


9. AC Freedom

A smart and sophisticated application for your smart home collection is AC Freedom. This application can be accessed without an infrared sensor. Its usage is simply pairing the application with the AC via a barcode.


Besides being equipped with the latest features, AC Freedom can also be accessed using WiFi, making it directly connected to the internet network. True to its name, AC freedom gives freedom to every user and offers a simple interface.


10. Remote Control for Panasonic AC


One of the quality AC brands is Panasonic. Not only its AC devices are easy to operate, but supporting devices like AC remotes are also very easy to use, especially for those of you who have just installed AC.