What is an Online BBA?

An Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is similar to a traditional or regular BBA program the main difference between them is the mode of learning. An Online BBA is a fully-fledged 3-year bachelor’s degree online program that is delivered through a highly accessible LMS (Learning Management System) that offers a virtual interactive learning environment among students despite being an online program.

An Online BBA program includes study material, learning guides / PDFs, discussion forums, webinars, live sessions, virtual classrooms, recorded sessions, and many other facilities to assist students in interacting with their faculty members and resolving their queries in no time.

It is specially designed for students from remote areas and lacks facilities as an Online BBA program can be pursued from any corner of the world and at a reasonable and budget-friendly fee structure as compared to a regular BBA program. It assists the working class to acquire higher education without hampering their work schedule.

What is a Distance BBA?

A distance BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program holds the same value and credibility as a regular BBA program the only difference it has the learning methodology and delivery system. A distance BBA program is a 3-year undergraduate degree program and after a student is enrolled, they are offered their respective study material and have to prepare for the program by themselves.

However, many universities offer recorded lectures and other facilities as well but it varies from one university to another. A distance BBA program is also known as a correspondence program which does not include any virtual or physical contact between the faculty members and students, it is a self-paced program where students are on their own to study and pass their exams.

What is the difference between Online BBA and Distance BBA? 

An Online BBA and a Distance BBA program have the same curriculum and recognition but the only difference between them is the learning mode. An Online MBA is delivered through an online interactive learning mode whereas in a Distance BBA program students are required to study and prepare by themselves.

A few major differences between both programs are listed below:

  • Interaction between faculty and student – In an Online BBA program there are virtual classrooms and recorded or live sessions on a regular basis which allows direct and in-time interaction between teachers and students and gives an experience of a regular program. On the other hand, in a distance BBA program students are provided their study material through courier or mail and they are on their own to prepare for the examinations without any faculty or peer interaction.
  • Examination process – Students enrolled in an Online BBA program can take their examination through an AI-procured online mode from their laptops meanwhile, students enrolled in a distance BBA program are required to visit their allotted examination centers.
  • Location and teamwork – For an Online BBA students can interact with other students work from their homes and coordinate with other students to carry out group projects and develop teamwork qualities. In a Distance, BBA program students are individually assigned their assignments and projects and they have to carry them out on themselves.

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The future of education is going to be virtual and within a decade majority of students will only go for online education due to its various benefits including cost effectiveness, flexibility, recognition, and many others. Pursuing an Online BBA program is a good choice for students willing to become a professional in the business administration domain simultaneously, it holds the same value and recognition as a regular BBA program as per the UGC guidelines. It is good to opt for an Online / Distance BBA program to uplift your skills and enhance your career without physically visiting the university.