There are various methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can earn Gil through questing, guildleves, fulfilling duties on the Duty Finder, killing enemies in dungeons or selling items on the Market Board.

Being able to accumulate enough Gil can be essential for many reasons, from affording better weapons and armor, to purchasing an attractive mount.


Gil is an essential currency in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used to purchase weapons, cosmetics and mounts as well as level classes and progress in storyline progression, buy housing and furniture and upgrade existing housing and furniture. Extra gil could make all the difference in how enjoyable your gaming experience is.

Earning FFXIV gil is accomplished in various ways. Completing quests or killing monsters, selling items you have created or purchased on the market or participating in Ventures (144 instances which offer various items and experiences), or selling your already created/bought goods.

Player housing and gardens can also provide a steady source of gil. Although these activities may take time and money to accomplish, their returns can often exceed expectations depending on patch cycle and prices in play.


Many Final Fantasy XIV players spend considerable time farming up currency to purchase gear, materials, houses or other in-game amenities – an essential part of gaming experience! Unfortunately, however, doing this incorrectly can become tedious and hinder taking part in Trials or FATE events.

Combat classes offer many ways for their players to earn Gil, such as selling runs, side content, and Allagan Tomestones. Players often spend this gil on glamour items, mounts, housing and cosmetic items that add character.

Players can make significant amounts of FFXIV gil by collecting materials and outbidding other players on the market board, particularly at the beginning of a new patch when many gatherables are highly sought-after. Players can also send retainers on hourly ventures in order to generate additional gil.


FFXIV Gil is the currency used in-game and allows players to purchase items such as crafted items, materials and gear, total services such as porting around the world and buying a house, as well as increase enjoyment by paying for high-level gear or content.

The main story and job quests can provide ample opportunities to earn FFXIV gil, while dungeons offer even quicker ways of making money quickly. There are also some treasure spheres which award Gil rewards, along with component items that exist solely to sell (such as Gold Dust).

Duty Finder and challenge log completion can yield substantial f14 gil earnings for players; however, both methods require considerable time investment. 


As with most MMOs, FFXIV rewards players with Gil for their efforts in various activities – quests will grant gil, gear drops can give out Gil rewards and even doing dungeons can earn players this valuable currency.

Players often spend much of their gil on equipment upgrades, which is part of the fun. Players may also spend their gil on glamours that give your character a fresh new look or on fancy mounts.

Earning FFXIV gil can be accomplished in multiple ways, from completing quests and missions, taking part in daily duty roulettes and leves, and progressing through the main story. Monsters also drop gil, while you may sell off equipment on the Market Board to make additional gil.


FFXIV allows players to sell items for FFXIV gil. These items can be sold on the Market Board or directly to other players within the game; additionally they can be desynthesized and turned into crafting parts – providing another great way to earn Gil without killing monsters or doing timed quests!

Investing in glamour can be another effective strategy to gain extra income in-game. There is a vast selection of glamour available in-game, and while they may be costly, they provide excellent returns as they can be applied across various jobs.

Keep in mind when trying to make money in FFXIV that each server and DC are different – therefore a method that worked on one server may not apply on another due to prices and players.