Let us first recall your favorite online shop. It is simple and easy to use, isn’t it? You can very easily find what you want and the prices are clear. However, what if getting nice, good-quality jewelry online wasn’t so easy?

The Birth of Omnia Stores

That was the problem. A lot of people were in the dark about their jewelry online shopping choices and pricing. They found repetitive designs anywhere. The entire experience was not exciting and inspiring. On the other hand, sometimes the quality was poor and the class was the worst!

Affordable Luxury and Unique Design 

What if someone had a place where you could find literally millions of unique designs? A place where the prices were easily understandable and the online experience was a piece of cake? On the other hand, all of this may be accompanied by great value and outstanding customer service. 

Therefore, the idea for Omnia Stores came into existence. It began with the acknowledgment of the malfunctions of the jewelry market and the creation of the idea of a solution. The goal was simple: to produce great, fine-looking jewelry that everybody could afford. 

Transparency and Community 

Thus, this meant being able to produce a vast array of different designs. The Omnia Stores would not just be the same old styles, but rather over 3000 different options, from classic elegance to the modern trend. It would be the substitution of the concealing of prices, for the nothing price of it, they would be transparent and the shopping process would be stress-free. 

Changing the way Jewelry Buying

Omnia was set to make things work in a new way. They chose to give priority to online shopping, for the platform they created was very user-friendly so that the customers could simply browse and buy. Besides, they agreed to work directly with factories in China, thus sourcing the finest materials like zircon, lab-grown diamonds, and sterling silver. Thus, they were able to provide excellent jewelry at reasonable prices, making it possible to buy high-end jewelry at an affordable price. 

 However, besides the jewelry, it was not just about it. Omnia Stores aimed to construct a community in which people felt excited to be themselves by what they dressed. They were designing the luxury experience as a thing possible, not elusive and too expensive for the most. 

Omnia Stores changed the jewelry market by providing a great variety of designs, customer-friendly pricing, and a user-friendly online platform. Through the use of factories, Omnia Stores obtained the materials for the jewelry they sell and by giving the customer a good experience, they made high-end jewelry affordable and accessible to everyone. Hence, the people used the fashion in which they express themselves to form a community.