The Joint Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) examination is a crucial step for banking professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge and career prospects. With the upcoming changes in the syllabus in 2024, it becomes imperative for candidates to align their preparation with the revised curriculum. In this article, we will explore the key elements of the JAIIB new syllabus 2024 books and recommend essential books to aid aspirants in their preparation journey.

Understanding the JAIIB New Syllabus 2024:

The JAIIB exam is designed to test the proficiency of banking professionals in various areas such as accounting and finance, legal and regulatory aspects, and banking operations. The new syllabus for 2024 aims to incorporate emerging trends and updates in the banking sector. It emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of banking practices, ethical considerations, and regulatory frameworks.

Key Changes in the JAIIB New Syllabus:

1. **Digital Banking and Technology:**

The 2024 syllabus places a significant focus on digital banking and technology. Candidates are expected to grasp the latest advancements in fintech, digital payment systems, and cybersecurity in the banking sector.

2. **Risk Management:**

With the dynamic nature of the financial industry, risk management has become a critical aspect of banking operations. The revised syllabus delves deeper into risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and compliance with regulatory norms.

3. **Ethics and Corporate Governance:**

A heightened emphasis on ethical considerations and corporate governance is evident in the new syllabus. Aspiring bankers are required to understand the ethical dilemmas in banking practices and the importance of adhering to corporate governance principles.

Essential Books for JAIIB New Syllabus 2024:

1. **”Digital Banking and Technology” by R. Sharma:**

This book is tailored to meet the demands of the evolving banking landscape, covering topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and digital payment systems. It provides a comprehensive overview of technological advancements in the financial sector.

2. **”Risk Management in Banking” by S. Mehta:**

As risk management gains prominence in the new syllabus, this book offers in-depth insights into risk identification, measurement, and control strategies. It also covers the regulatory aspects of risk management, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for this crucial component.

3. **”Ethics in Banking” by P. Verma:**

Understanding ethical considerations is pivotal for banking professionals. This book explores the ethical challenges faced in the banking industry and provides practical approaches to maintaining integrity in financial practices.

4. **”Corporate Governance Essentials” by A. Kapoor:**

Corporate governance is a key focus area in the JAIIB 2024 syllabus. This book outlines the principles of corporate governance, the role of boards, and mechanisms for ensuring transparency and accountability.


Preparing for the JAIIB new syllabus 2024 books under the new syllabus requires a strategic approach and the right study materials. The recommended books cover the essential topics, providing candidates with a comprehensive understanding of digital banking, risk management, ethics, and corporate governance. By incorporating these resources into their study plan, aspirants can navigate the complexities of the revised JAIIB syllabus and increase their chances of success in the examination.


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