Craving crispy fries without the guilt of deep-frying? Enter the air fryer, a countertop marvel that’s become a kitchen staple. But with so many options out there, you might be wondering: are there any Air Fryers Made In USA? While finding one solely manufactured in the US can be tricky, there are definitely brands that assemble or design their air fryers here. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know about these handy appliances, including US-made options!

Why Choose an Air Fryer?

Air fryers use hot air circulation to cook food, achieving that delightful crispy texture we all love. Unlike deep frying, which submerges food in oil, air fryers require minimal to no oil at all. This translates to healthier meals with fewer calories and less fat. Beyond fries, air fryers are versatile beasts, capable of roasting vegetables, baking desserts, and even reheating leftovers. Plus, their compact size makes them perfect for smaller kitchens or those short on counter space.

Types of Air Fryers

There are two main types of Air Fryers Made In USA (and elsewhere) to consider:

Basket Style: The most common type, featuring a basket that slides in and out of the main unit. This classic design is perfect for single servings or small batches of fries, wings, or nuggets.

Toaster Oven Style: This multi-functional option resembles a toaster oven with a built-in air fryer function. It offers more space and can handle larger quantities of food, making it ideal for families or those who like to cook in bulk. Some even include rotisserie forks for a whole chicken!

Benefits of Air Fryers

Here’s why an Air Fryer Made In USA (or anywhere!) might be your new best friend in the kitchen:

Healthier Cooking: As mentioned, air fryers use significantly less oil, resulting in lower-calorie and lower-fat meals.

Faster Cooking Times: Air fryers preheat quickly and cook food efficiently, saving you precious time in the kitchen.

Crispy Perfection: Craving that golden-brown, crispy texture? Air fryers deliver, minus the mess of deep-frying.

Versatility: From fries and veggies to desserts and reheating leftovers, air fryers offer a range of cooking options.

Easy Clean-up: Most air fryers have non-stick baskets or trays that make cleaning a breeze.

Air Frying in 4 Easy Steps

Prep your ingredients: Cut your food into similarly sized pieces to ensure even cooking.

Preheat your air fryer: Most models require preheating for a few minutes.

Lightly coat your food with oil (optional): While air fryers work with minimal oil, a spritz can help achieve extra crispiness.

Cook and shake!: Follow the recommended cooking time for your food and give the basket a shake halfway through to ensure even cooking.

So, You Want an Air Fryer Made In USA? Here’s the Deal:

Finding an air fryer completely manufactured in the US can be challenging. Many popular brands, including Cosori, Instant Pot, and Ninja, design their air fryers here but have them manufactured overseas. However, there are a few companies that focus on US assembly, like American Micronic Instruments.


Whether you prioritize US-made appliances or simply want a convenient and healthy way to cook, air fryers are a worthy investment. Consider your needs, budget, and desired features while keeping in mind that even non-US-made air fryers can be high-quality options.


Is Air Fryers Made In USA worth it?

This depends on your priorities. US-made options might be slightly more expensive, but they support American manufacturing. However, many excellent air fryers are manufactured elsewhere.

What size Air Fryer Made In USA should I get?

This depends on how many people you’re cooking for. Basket models typically range from 2 to 5 quarts, while toaster oven styles can reach 10 quarts or more.

What can I cook in an Air Fryer Made In USA?

The possibilities are endless! From classic fries and veggies to roasted chicken, baked goods, and reheated leftovers, air fryers offer a range of cooking options.

With this guide in hand, you’re well on your way to crispy, delicious meals thanks to the magic of air frying. Happy air frying!