Flooring forms an important part of any house as the walls and the ceiling are all same in any part of the globe but what differs is the floorings. The flooring is very important as it can keep the house insulated and warm is it is in the colder regions at the same time if you live in a hot and humid area, it is important that you carefully choose your flooring in such cases as well. Here in this article, we will be talking about how important the wood flooring and engineered flooring are and specially the wood floorings. The wooden flooring are the best ones to considered due to various reasons and let’s discuss all of them in detail. 

Why Wood Flooring is Preferred in Colder Climates

1. Natural Insulation Properties

The floors in the colder regions require thermal resistance and this is the reason why floorings which such properties are preferred. The wood which is a natural material makes for a perfect natural insulator which is it can keep the building warm and cosy all around. Unlike any other flooring options such as tiles or marble, it does not absorb the temperatures outside so easily and therefore keeps the flooring under your feet warm. 

2.  Energy Efficiency

Wood helps in the reduction of the energy bills which ensures that you do not have to pay hefty bills to keep your flooring warm in the colder regions. This significantly helps in cutting down the energy bills and ensure that you a low carbon footprint too. The strong insulation properties of the wood flooring ensures that you do not have to spend much on the electricity bills. 

3.  Health Benefits

Wood helps in promoting the good air quality inside the house. We live in a world where people are dying of pollution and therefore air purifiers are being installed in the houses. The wood flooring apart from providing you with other benefits also aids in keeping the overall air quality of the house clean and improved. Therefore, it acts a natural air purifier which helps in providing you with a healthy and happy house.  

Reasons Why Oakwood is the Best Choice for Flooring

1. Strength and Durability

We have already discussed what are the various benefits of the wooden floorings now it is important that you understand which is the best wooden flooring. The oakwood is considered to be the king of all wood floorings owing to its strength and durability. The oakwood is very strong and resilient and therefore once installed in the house you can rest in peace that you do not need to think about the flooring in the coming decades. The strength ensures that your building stays as a testament for all the generations that will come.

2. Excellent Stability

Oakwood is considered to be the most stable of all kinds of wooden floorings. This means even when there is fluctuation in the temperature, the oakwood floorings do not expand or contract. This ensures that you flooring does not gets damaged with the slight temperature variations which is the case with other wood floorings. This makes oakwood the best choice for regions with fluctuating climates as it ensures that the flooring remains stable and intact.

3. High Resistance to Insects and Fungi

Oak wood has the ability to repel the fungi and other kinds of moulds and insects too. This property is not found in every wood and therefore there is always a fear of the wood flooring getting damaged with the living organisms. But in case of oakwood flooring such as oak herringbone flooring, the case is not the same. This wood is known for its insect repellent properties and ensures a happy and healthy home throughout the year. 

4. Enhances Property Value

Installation of the oak wood flooring may seem to be an expensive idea in the beginning but it actually increases that worth of your building and ensures that you get a good deal done when planning to sell you home. Since solid oak flooring is the best flooring, it will obviously fetch you money in the days to come as people get attracted to the beauty and the aesthetic of the oakwood and at the same time with the other properties that the wood carries.