2023 Jeep Fantastic Cherokee 4xe


Next up in our week-long review on 2023’s finest car manifestations – off-roaders. These are the fun ones, the cars that may not be the speediest but they can take you distant and wide over this extraordinary, enormous nation of ours.


Or at slightest a few of them can, since one is right now as it were accessible in the USA but it awed us sufficient to make the list besides. The rest you can head out to your nearby merchant to arrange and at that point arrange your another adventure.




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Land Wanderer Protector 90 V8


2023 Arrive Wanderer Guard 90 V8


As we composed in our audit, this is ostensibly the most brilliantly unusual vehicle on the showcase nowadays – a 2022 honda accord sport 2.0t combination of cultivate truck and sports car. The Shield 90 V8 is the British brand’s now-iconic short-wheelbase off-roader with the same supercharged 5.0-litre V8 from the Puma F-Type crushed beneath the bonnet.


Ok, so in fact this isn’t the Shield you’d take profound into the outback (not with its 14.5L/100km fuel utilization) but with its 368kW V8 it’s prepared for shorter adventures.


Being a Arrive Wanderer it still has off-road capability, so you can tear up the clean as you unleash the V8 beast.


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Ford F-150


2023 Passage F-150 XLT


Finally, after a long time of theory, gossipy tidbits and wishing, the blue oval’s famous F-150 has made it to Australia. Shockingly, at the time of composing, we haven’t driven one locally, but we did test the F-150 XLT in the USA prior this year.


It’s simple to get it why the F-150 has been America’s top choice ute for decades, it’s enormous, effective and viable. Whereas there are those who address Ford’s choice to offer the twin-turbo V6 instep of the V8, with fair as much control (298kW) and more torque (678Nm v 555Nm) furthermore lower fuel economy, it fair makes sense.


Whether or not Portage can catch-up on the head begin for Chevrolet and Smash remains to be seen, but the F-150 is certainly competent of holding its claim in the developing US pick-up truck challenge in Australia.


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Ford Bronco


2023 Portage Bronco Legacy edition


This is the odd one out on our list, since in spite of a few self-evident request for it, Passage is ruled out advertising the Bronco in Australia anytime in the near-future. Luckily, Torquecafe was portion of a little gather of Australian media who got to test drive the Bronco Legacy version in the US prior in the year.


We took an amplified street trip in the Bronco, giving us a few days to truly encounter everything it had to offer. The terrible news for Passage is that after living with the Bronco we’re indeed more persuaded than ever that it would be a commendable advertising in Australia.


Our specific Bronco was fitted with the 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost motor, which sounds little on paper but it had small inconvenience controlling us over America’s beautiful south-east. The Legacy version truly inclined into the retro styling of the Bronco and it truly highlights what a pleasant work they’ve done combining the past and present.


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Ford Officer Platinum


2024 Passage Officer Platinum


Yes, another Portage, but this one is homegrown.


And this isn’t fair any ancient Officer variation, no, this is the all-new extravagance take on the fiercely prevalent ute. The Officer Platinum takes after the same equation as the Everest Platinum, with a center on consolation and quality or maybe than execution (Officer Raptor) or hard-work (Officer XL).


This is the Officer you purchase when you’ve been advanced from the worksite or fair need the extreme viable family hauler.


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Jeep Fantastic Cherokee 4xe


2023 Jeep Fantastic Cherokee 4xe


Can Jeep advance from utilitarian to extravagance? That’s the address the most recent era Terrific Cherokee asks.


No longer the straightforward but rough off-roader favored by the military, the Jeep of 2023 is attempting to compete with BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The unused Fantastic Cherokee is a gigantic jump ahead from the past show, bringing more fashion, more extravagance and more innovation – counting a plug-in crossover powertrain option.


We drove both the V6 and plug-in half breed and both inspired in terms of introduction, indeed if the half breed makes flawed sense from an effectiveness point-of-view; you’ll be out of charge long some time recently you hit the outback.


Crucially, be that as it may, in spite of the extravagance move, the Amazing Cherokee holds Jeep’s incredible off-road ability, and if you do have charge in the batteries the cross breed is really the most quiet way to drive through nature.