Normally, we knew about 9 months when the newborn came up. However, the inexpressible feeling of that moment couldn’t be compared to any words. Their smile brings happiness to every face. Indeed, knowing what we want to get becomes an issue for everyone, and therefore we start to search for the best gift that will be appropriate for the Birthday Boy or the Birthday Girl. Gift Basket Singapore is the best gift suggestion for you. It will stand out among the other options. Besides, this unique gift takes us far beyond the commonplace. The Singaporean baby gift baskets are peculiar and good presents to dad and mom. They are very convenient to have and they are all in one box. For example, this set presents an excellent choice for people who are just starting with fitness and want to give them something they will enjoy and consider helpful. Normal things like baby outfits or the jumper the mother would have admired on her dear older daughter only two years ago are now basic items for their new princess.

Pre-made baby gift set:

Have a busy schedule and feel stressed? Why not put together a baby ger-basket for your pregnant friend who is looking forward after you? The defining aspect of this idea is that it is very deep and serious. It takes away your pain to move around such a large space and the time is needed to do other essential tasks. Besides the baby gift set, you can also order customization for them. You might determine a theme for colors in decorating it, including the name and initials on toys or the thread color. Be it celebrating a baby’s birthday, a baby name revealing party, or a baby shower, add the necessities accordingly.

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed Singapore is skillful in making baby beauty box sets. It would be amazing if you do not wish to omit anything considering your preferences. These professionals are just excellent at ensuring happiness in the way they do things making that moment unique for the couple. Gift Basket Singapore consists of superior choices and makes it possible to gift in an exclusive affair. There different baby offerings are accessible in the shop. On the left-hand side, there are gift items for newborn babies, while the right-hand side is dedicated to gift ideas for siblings. They have it all!

Let us have a peek at some baby gift baskets in Singapore.

  • Personalized Essential Bath Set:

The most essential set for baby during bath time. It includes Gingham Hooded Towel and Gingham Robe. These are made with 100% original fabric. These items are irresistible. These items keep them warm and cuddle after a bath. It is available in two colors, blue and pink. Blue towels and robes for baby boys and pink for baby girls. You can also add the name and initials of your little one.

  • Joyful Baby Gift Set:

This is the cutest gift for your little ones. It includes a white hooded towel, babygrow, a Personalized baby silky cotton blanket, and a Jellycat bunny. Jellycat Bunny is a very soft and plush toy. It is the best companion for your little one. Their babygrow is made with the softest fabric. Their blanket and towels are made with 100% original cotton. All these items are very easy to wash.

  • Hospital to Home Gift Set:

Welcome your bundle of happiness with this Hospital-to-Home Gift Set. It is a trio of wonderful baby essentials. It consists of a Personalized Jellycat bunny, a Personalized Bunny Comforter, and a White 1OO% organic blanket. All these goodies are the softest. It gives relaxation to your little one. These items are breathable and are a perfect companion for your baby all year round. 

  • Personalized Twin Blanket Set:

Having twins doubles everything, like happiness, fun, and excitement. This set is perfectly made for welcoming your twins. This gift set offers 2x Silky Cotton Blankets and 2x Jellycat Bunny. Your twins can warmly snuggle their soft blankets and have a peaceful sleep. And, they can play and hug their Jellycat Bunny day and night. This set is available in various colors.

  • Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle:

Baby storybooks introduce babies to the world of imagination. It helps in the development of the mind and communication skills. It creates a strong bond between parents and children. So, keeping this thing in mind, Lovingly Signed creates a Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle. The set includes an Elephant Blanket, a Personalized Jellycat Elephant, and a Welcome to the World storybook. The blanket’s smooth texture gives our baby relaxation throughout the year. Jellycat Bunny is the perfect companion to play and snuggle during the day and night.

  • A Sleepy Bunny set:

The set includes a White 100% Organic Cotton Blanket, a personalized Jellycat Bunny, and a beautiful and interesting storybook called A Tale for A Sleepy Bunny. This Blanket has the softest material so your baby will love to hug it. All these items are easy to wash which is very helpful for mothers. So, snuggle with your Jellycat Bunny and fall asleep while listening to this magical storybook.



Gift Basket Singapore contains everything necessary for adapting to the new life experience. For instance, we fabricate comforters, blankets, babygrow, storybooks, Jellycat toys, and hooded towel sets. Such meaningful proximity is appreciated highly by the dads and moms. Concerned about the authenticity of the brand you purchase from? We got you. Lovingly Signed is the answer. They make newborn babies look lovely and wonderful, and at the same time, they provide excellent safe items. In addition, you are aware of the splash. The speed of their delivery is the fastest among others Finally, they give you a gift set within the set and affordable price range. In case you cannot pay them a visit at their store, you may as well start shopping on their website anytime.