If you are also interested to know the process to print an email from an Outlook file? Then, after reading this post you will get the solution to print an email from an Outlook file  via manually and  convert PST to PDF.

Microsoft Outlook is the best desktop based email platform as it works for sending and receiving emails and it also stores contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and all other mailbox data. Sometimes, for a security purpose and for backup purposes, users want to print an email from an Outlook file.

Reason to Print an Email from an Outlook File

  • Printed emails serve as tangible records for important communications, which can be essential for auditing, archiving, or historical reference. This is particularly useful for business correspondence, project documentation, and contractual agreements.

  • In many industries, printed emails are required for compliance with legal and regulatory standards. They provide a verifiable and permanent record that can be used in legal proceedings or audits.

  • Having a printed copy of an email can be useful during meetings or presentations. It allows participants to have a physical reference, which can facilitate discussions, note-taking, and collaboration.


How to Print an Email from an Outlook File Manually?

If you want to export few Outlook email as PDF then you can perform manually as we have discussed below:

  • First, run the Outlook application on your computer.

  • Now, open email as you wish to save as PDF.

  • Then, click on the file and press print option.

  • Now, choose save as PDF and click on save to complete the process.


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Restrictions of Manual Approach

  • You need to repeat the whole process to each Outlook email.

  • Users must be aware of the features of the Outlook application.

  • This manual approach is only suitable for a few emails.


How to Print an Email from an Outlook File Via Expert Recommended Approach?

As there are a bulk number of Outlook emails I want to print. So, we recommend you to opt Corbett PST File Converter is the best way to export into PDF file without affecting any mailbox attributes. This application has been specially developed with advanced algorithms to get accurate results without losing any information.

  • Download software and open on your computer,

  • Browse and add the PST file into the application.

  • Choose PDF file in the several options of export.

  • Finally, provide a specific path and click on save to get the result quickly.


Benefits of Expert Suggested Approach

  • It also offers you to import PST to Gmail without installing any other application.

  • This software offers a user-friendly interface to easily handle by all types of users.

  • You can also transfer Outlook emails to another account with this application.

  • With this application, you can also take advantage of filters to convert specific mailbox data as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.

  • This software is also useful when Outlook closes after opening.


Let’s Wind Up

In this tutorial, we have explained completely reliable and effective techniques to print an email from an Outlook file by manually and expertly recommended. Both solutions have their own benefits as manual solutions are only suitable for a few Outlook emails while expert recommended approaches are workable with both a few and a batch number of Outlook emails without facing any ease.