There is nothing better than lounging by the pool on a long, hot day. However, relaxing by the pool might not be as appealing if the pavement is dirty and worn out. You should think about landscaping the space surrounding the pool if you want to create the backyard haven you’ve always wanted. In this case, installing the Bluestone pavers in Melbourne is one of the best options to go for.  

There are many Bluestone suppliers that offer pavers and tiles for pool areas The main feature that sets these pool pavers apart is their non-slip surface texture. Because pool pavers come in a number of shapes and colours, you may place them in a variety of patterns and designs. Although it involves a lot of lifting, installing Bluestone pavers cannot be done alone. You might need to contact professionals for the same purpose. 

Why Should You Use Bluestone Pavers in Melbourne Around Your Pool? 

Here are a few reasons why Bluestone is installed around the pool: 

  • Affordability: When it comes to covering your pool space, Bluestone suppliers have products that are less expensive than other stone options. Although natural stones are more expensive than other materials, we acknowledge that their qualities make them easier to install and require less upkeep.  

  • Durability: Pavers surrounding the pool are a great method to make sure your outdoor area lasts a long time. Bluestone pavers are a great option since they can withstand pressure, wear and damage.  

  • Versatility: There are countless design options because Bluestone pool pavers are available in an endless array of hues and forms. You may design a unique pool area by utilising different types of pavers. Because pavers are available in a wide range of hues, textures, forms and sizes, you may build custom patterns.  

  • Non-Slip Surface: The guarantee that Bluestone pavers are not slippery is one of their main advantages. It is essential to keep in mind that while establishing a pool, your family’s safety comes first. These stones can help ensure the safety of your visitors as they play and stroll about the pool.  

  • Easy To Replace and Repair: Bluestone is simple to replace and repair. They can be easily removed and changed, saving the hassle of rebuilding the entire floor. Bluestone pavers are therefore, as previously said, an incredibly affordable material for upkeep and repairs.  

How To Install Bluestone Pavers Near the Pool? 

Bluestone pavers in Melbourne are easy to install. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on installing pavers around a swimming pool: 

  • Digging the area is the first stage. To determine the depth at which the paver base has to be put, you must do a soil analysis.  


  • Excavate to the necessary foundation depth, paver thickness, and an extra inch or two for the setting bed to create a level surface. You’ll have to make sure the ground there is level. This is due to the fact that uneven levels can distort the appearance of outdoor pavers and make stones more brittle.  


  • The base’s dry setting bed has to be ready next. Concrete is the foundation used by most construction workers. For a poolside area, you will need to combine concrete and dried sand. After more screeding of this mixture, the base is prepared. 


  • After establishing the base, you can begin installing the exterior pavers. Install Bluestone pavers as closely apart as possible, following the pattern of your choice. Combine pavers from different bundles to minimise colour variations. 


  • Always begin laying the Bluestone pavers around the pool from the outside to the interior, working your way from left to right. The outside pavers may be laid in a continuous line, one by one, using a string. We advise you to always have a soft hammer on hand. It may aid in guaranteeing the compactness of the foundation.  


  • The tops of the Bluestone paving need to be filled with sand. It is possible to scrape it into the joints with a push broom. Give the pavers and compactor another go. Adding and compacting sand is necessary to keep the joints filled. The ideal sand for this method is polymeric sand, which also keeps weeds from sprouting between the seams.  


  • To further firm the sand once it has been swept in, mist the outside pavers surrounding the pool with water. This will lay all of the pool pavers and complete the dry-setting process.  


To wrap it up, adding Bluestone pavers in Melbourne to the perimeter of your pool area improves the visual attractiveness of your outdoor area while also providing useful advantages including cost, durability, and safety. Bluestone pavers are an outstanding alternative for building a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing poolside setting because of their adaptability in terms of design possibilities and simplicity of replacement and maintenance. You can create a stunning and useful pool area that you and your family will enjoy for years to come by following the step-by-step installation instructions.  

The quality of the Bluestone pavers used in any project can make or break the project. You should choose premium yet economical stones from Bluestone suppliers with a variety of hues and rich styles. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our stone specialists today!