Packaging supplies are of great help to us in so many ways. We pack and store our items in different packaging supplies and at the same time we ship different items as well, as they keep the items safe and secured until they reach their destination. Do we use packaging products only for these purposes? Absolutely not. We use them for many more things as well, such as for art and crafts, for decorating the interior of the house, we use them as gift boxes and as they are eco-friendly and sustainable, so we use them for gardening as well. Not just that, sometimes we use them for building shelters for stray animals and birds. Whether it is a cardboard box or a large bubble wrap, each packaging supply has a major role to play in our day to day life. Therefore, whenever you purchase a packaging supply, make sure that they at least have some basic characteristics so that you can take proper advantage of these packaging supplies. Some of the basic characteristics of almost all the packaging supplies are, they are strong, robust, rigid, versatile, flexible, lightweight and sustainable. They are customisable and are available in all shapes and sizes and hence, can carry all kinds of items. Apart from that they can carry both heavy and lightweight items and strong and fragile items. They keep the items safe from all possible damage and different external factors.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the basic packaging supplies which you must have with you so that you can use them whenever you are in need of them. You can get these packaging supplies from your nearby stores or from different websites. Packaging Midlands is one of the packaging companies in the UK which sells different packaging supplies at an affordable rate online. In fact it sells them at a wholesale rate and you can order them in bulk from their website. Let us now have a look at some of the basic packaging supplies which you must have with yourself for different purposes.

Cardboard boxes

When we are talking about basic packaging supplies, we cannot ignore cardboard boxes. Whether we need other packaging supplies or not, we cannot get away without cardboard boxes. To get rid of the seasonal clothes which you do not need at the moment? Store them in a cardboard box. Too many books to put in one book shelf? Store the ones which you do not read anymore in a cardboard box. Too many shoes to put them in an arranged manner? Store some of  the shoes in a cardboard box. No matter how small or big a task is, you need cardboard boxes a lot. As they are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, reusable and sustainable, therefore, they are also used for gardening. Not just that, if you are fond of art and crafts, you can use these cardboard boxes in different ways. And if you are an eCommerce business owner, cardboard boxes help you in so many ways. It not just provides protection to the items during shipping and transit, but cardboard boxes are customisable as well, therefore, they help in boosting brand identity. So, next time when you search for “cardboard boxes near me”, make sure that you are completely aware of their characteristics so that you can use them in a wise manner.

Cushioning materials

Cushioning materials are another basic packaging supply which you may need for packing and shipping fragile items. Bubble wrap rolls, foam sheets, foam peanuts, kraft paper and so on are some of the cushioning materials which provide extra protection to your items through padding and cushioning. Fragile items, like mirrors, glassware, chinaware, furniture, electronic devices, books, glass cabinets, jewellery and so on are some of the items  which require extra protection and this when cushioning materials come for the rescue. Bubble wraps and foam sheets can be used for wrapping these items, whereas kraft paper and foam peanuts can be used for filling the voids inside the boxes so that the items do not move during transit.

Packaging tapes

Last but not the least packaging tapes are another basic packaging material which you have to use to seal the boxes. They are strong, adhesive, water, air and moisture resistant and seal the boxes properly so that the items do not fall out of the boxes and get damaged. Many packaging companies come up with different types of packaging tapes which you can use for different purposes.